Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Bad Influence of Drinking Cold Water

Doctors always say drinking water is good for our health. And in Chinese’s viewpoint, the answer is yes and no. Yes, when you drink warm water, but no, when you drink the cold one.

Drinking water can help your body to get rid of the oil and fat and make you become fit. Constant drinking water can also brighten up your skin. However, in many Chinese’s viewpoints, drinking cold water will disarrange the balance of their bodies and will harm our skin and health.

Chinese women always teach their daughters not to drink cold water, especially during their periods because it will make them feel very painful and also mess up their period.

Moreover, Chinese women believe human body is like a machines, and drinking cold drink is like cooling down a running machine, which means harming the intestine.

Constant drinking cold water will lead a decrease in temperature in the intestines and stomachs and will be hard for them to absorb nutrient. And in this case, women will lose brightness on their skins and may look pale or gray.

In addition, Chinese think drinking cold water will lead to internal secretion disorder and cause the acne problem.

It is hard to resist a cup of ice cold water during the hot summer time; however, it is definitely not worth it because it will have an adverse affect on health and skin.


vittoria said...

yeah.. this is true...i felt the same way to when i drunk cold water.

Unknown said...

I am looking for some evidence, other than word of mouth, to support these claims. Please help.

Tanya said...

There is no evidence.

Hillary H. said...
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Hillary said...

I used to always get major cramps and pains whenever I consume a lot of cold food and liquids (cold water, ice cream, etc) prior to getting my period. Then one month, I tried an experiment in which I consumed more warm/hot foods and drinks and heated water instead of cold/room temperature water, and I found I had much less cramps and period pains for that month. Think about it: your blood is naturally warm. Consuming so much cold liquid can't possibly be beneficial for your bloodstream.

Tanya said...

You could certainly get a temporary cramp while drinking or eating cold things, but in normal circumstances, consuming cold things has never been shown to be "bad" for you to any degree. There are temporary undesirable effects like "brain freeze" or the thickening of nasal mucus, and--of course-- desirable temporary effects as well. But in the end, we'll always be warm-blooded animals capable of homeostasis. Think about that.

Of course, if anyone wishes to drink and eat warm/hot foods, no harm in that either. As long as you're not burning yourself, do what you like. But don't worry if you like cold food and drinks either; your body knows what to do.