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My Recommendation for Fashion Site

I am Fashion is one of my favorite fashion sites ever. The writers, which consist two of them, update the site very frequently, from Monday to Satuarday except special occassions (such as final examination periods.) In addtion to very up-to-date fashion, skincare and cosmetic information, the writers sometimes also some music and movie critics.

I like the site very mych not only because the writers always are able to provide very constructive tips and opinions on fashion and skincare but also a personal affiliation to one of the writers.

From reading the profiles of the writers, I notice that one of them, who calls herself as Harrods Girl are from Hong Kong, which is one hour by ship from my hometown. And many products she introduces in her site are bought from Hong Kong and suit Asian women very much. That makes the site very useful and close to me - products which normal American fashion sites introduce may not be very suitable to Asian girls like me, but I am Fashion is fantasic! I love it and check it out almost daily.

Saturday, April 28, 2007

My Most Favorite Designer Ever

I make a slideshow about Celia Ho, who is a fashion design student as well as my very best friend. This slideshow will focus on her latest line, the Pirate Collection.

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Avoid Grilled Food to Keep You Look Young

According to a report released in America recently, eating too many grilled food will not only lead to cancer but also will make you look older.

Scientists believe after meat is highly-heated, a poisonous element "AGEs" will be created. This poisonous element will lead to diabetes and problems in blood vessels and kidney, and these will lead to aging of human body.

Therefore, in order to keep skin looks younger, other than using lots of skincare products and putting on sunscreen (which is extremely important for the skin), people should also keep an eye on what they are eating.

Monday, April 23, 2007

OMG! I love them so much!

I will love and marry to the person who buys me all of them. (Just kidding, besides no one really wants to do that...)

Michael Kors Collection "Babar" Leather Pump, $325,

See how cute they are. The soft leather. The perfect heel. The round toe. God please gives them to me.

Betsey Johnson Martini Bow Dress, $315,

I do not know when I will wear this thing if I have it, but, well, doesn't it fit woman's fantasy about dress? That lace and that big ribbon.

MARC JACOBS 'Irina' Shoulder Bag, $995,

I think the Marc Jacobs products are always women's dream items.

Well, looks like my love and marriage cost less than $2,000. Poor me...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Wood Heels for Summer

I always relate summer to picnic and beach times. Then I will think about shoes with wooden heels, which usually gives their wearers a leisure and natural look. Basically, wooden heels can be paired with almost everything except extravagant items like rock or metallic outfit. It goes with bohemian style particularly well.

BCBG Max Azia "Intriga" Peeptoe Pump, $225.00,

Doesn't this shoe go well with a shirtdress and a leather handbag when going to work in summer?

Dolce Vita Braided Slingback, $78.00,

I love this shoe because of its playful color. Makes you want to wear it to beach or picnic.

Franco Sarto 'Laser' Sandal, $78.95,

The t-strip can prolong your leg, and it goes well with office outfits, e.g. white shirt and a-line skirt.

Marc by Marc Jacob sandal, $395.00,

Pair this with a simple short and a catchy belt make you look chic and modern.

Friday, April 20, 2007

Ways to Identify Your Skin Type

The reason of many women have bad skin is they do not understand their skin types and use the wrong skincare products. Somebody think they have dry skin but actually have combination. Therefore, the skincare product they use may make their skins even drier.

There are four types of skin: oily, dry, combination and sensitive. Recently, I read an article from the Allure magazine, and it offers an easy way to test what skincare one has is to use lakewarm water.

1. When you are not wearing makeup and have an hour to spare, pull hair back. Splash the face ten times with lakewarm water. Pat skin with a towel until it is damp but not dripping. Allow skin to air-dirt, and wait for 30 minutes without applying any moisturizer or makeup.

2. Stand in front of a well-lit mirror. Squint, furrow your frow and smile widely. If your face feels tight and itchy or appears flaky or ashy, you have dry skin. If you also frequently break out from skin-care products, you have sensitive skin. If neither, wait for another 30 minutes.

3. Press one ply of tissue over your entire face, and then examine the residue on it. If there are greasy patches from your forehead, nose, chins and cheeks, you have oily skin. If it is only oily down t-zone, you have combination skin.

Thursday, April 19, 2007

I Adore These Very Much

Today I got a chance to look at the site of American Apparel Store, which I just have gone there a couple times. And I found out some of their apparels are really adorable and cute.

Cotton Spandex Two-Tone Fitted Mini Dress, $35.00,

This mini dress is really a super mini one. I guess if I wear it, it can just cover one-third of my thigh. But I am not used to such a short dress. I like it, but I guess I won't buy it.

Sheer Rib Short Sleeve Tunique, $34.00,

See how cute this is. And it is offered in six colors. I like the red one most and it will match a long jacket and round-toed heel very much.

Solid Rib Oversized Pocket Cardigan, $38.00,

I love cardigan. It is something which you can wear at almost all occasion and weather. And it basically goes with any outfit. And I always prefer a longer one because I think it looks more chic. If you love cardigan but want to save some money, just seize your mother's closet, she must have one!

Unisex Solid Rib Vest, $36.00,

I seldom buy vest, but this one really attracts my eyes. Pair it with a tank, a rocker t-shirt or a shirt. Well, everything works with it. Look for dressing tips, check Nicole Richie's style, she did a good job on this.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All You Can See

I read several magazines these months and found out I can see many high-end see-through bags. Although I am not really going to buy them (because I love privacy,and normally the inside of my handbag is just a mess...) I still think many of them look cute and are suitable for summer days.

Kate Spade 'cape cod - griffen' tote, $145.00,
Isn't it cute? Red lobsters swimming on your bag.

clear flap bag, $79.00,
It contains the cyber element, which is one of the trendy points in this summer.

Translucent tote, $45, Victoria's Secret
It is offered in black and in white too.

These kinds of bag are cute, but the wearers need to make sure that they arrange their personnal items in good order; otherwise, the whole world will know what type of person they are.

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Best Swimsuits Ever

Summer is coming, and it is time for everybody to rushing to the beach and enjoy the sunshine with their swimsuits. A nice swimsuit will not only make your attractive, it will also amplify your merits and hide your weakness. The followings are swimsuits which can flatter different body shapes.

Boy Shape:
Choose the top with special details.
Avoid bandeau tops or boy shorts.

OP Mexican Blanket, Top $44.00, Bottom $44.00,

Curvy Body:
Choose the fit size, don't pick the too small ones.
Aviod the hugely oversize prints.

Body ID Bollywood Tank & Athletic-Cut Bottom, $38.00,

Busty Shape:
Choose a halter top with an at least one-inch bottom band to support your chest.
Avoid one-pieces or top which is without a built-in-support system.

AE Favorite Bikini, Top $29.50 Bottom $24.50,

Pear Shape:
Pick a low-rise bottom with tie sides, ring sides or skimpy sides.
If your hip is big, pick one with deeper color to flatter it.

Roxy Halter Bikini, Top $40.00, Bottom $36.00,

Small Chests:
Choose a top or a bottom with details.
Choose a v-neck one-pieces.

Crochet bikini set, $125.00,

One reminder: Remeber to put on sunscreen when you go to beach. No matter you aim to be tan or not, sunscreen is important because it can prevent you from sunburn, skin aging and even cancer. The ideal SPF is 30 for beach.

Wednesday, April 4, 2007

Be Bright!

No matter you have white, tanned, black, or oliver skin, all skin colors are adorable. However, one thing which can kill your skin is dumbness. Without brightness, every skintone will look unhealth and disattractive.

Normally, our face look dumb because we do not clean it thoroughly, and dust and other dirty elements stay on the face. To brighten it up, we need to remove our makeup thoroughly, apply scrub cleanser two or three times a week, and use exfoliating masks every one or two weeks.

The followings are some products which I have tried and thought effective.

Blue corn 3 in 1 deep cleansing scrub mask, $14.00,

This scrub mask is the best one I have ever tried. Although it does not smell pleasant and a bit difficult to handle, the result is incredibly good. After you wash the mask, you can see your face is regaining its brightness and softness.

Clinique 7 Day Scrub Cream Rinse-Off Formula, $16.50,

I recently try this cleanser and find it amazingly useful. Your skin is as smooth as silk as you keep using it for several days.

Lancôme 'Bi-Facil' Double-Action Eye Makeup Remover, $24.00,

I always consider this product the legend of makeup remover. Saturate the cotton pads with the product, cover the pad on the eyes for 30 seconds and swipe. Then even the hardest makeup leave your face.

Since some exfoliating products, in order to clean every corner of your face, may enlarge the pores, after you finish applying them, do not forget to use minimize-pore products to keep your face look poreless.

Dr. Brandt Skincare Pores No More, $45.00,

Clinique Pore Minimizer Refining Lotion, $18.50,

Monday, April 2, 2007

Go Green World and Fresh Skin

The topic of environmental conservation can be accomplised in all fields, including skincare and cosmetics. Organic products only just help saving the world but also can give an extra protection to people with sensitive skin.

But what do "organic" means?

It refers to the farming process which in addition to using renewable resources to save energy, water and soil, organic famrs avoid pesticides and some other toxin chemicals. Organic products are less harmful to skin because they avoid using excess exposure to toxic chemical, which can lead to disease like cancer.

When consumers wants to know whether a product is organic or not, except asking the sales, they can also check the labels on the products.

100 Percent Organic: The good standard in the United States, this label affrims that every single ingredient in the products is organically grown.

Certified Organic - Products bearing this label must contain at least 95 percent organically grown ingredients and is regulated by USDA.

Eco Cert - Products bearing this label must contain at least 95 percent organically grown ingredients and is regulated by an independent European agency overseeing organic products in 80 countries.

DDF Daily Organic Sunblock SPF 15, $36.00,

L'occitatne 100 percent Shea Butter, $36.00,

Stella McCartney Toning Floral Water, $35.00,

Vitamin E Cream Exfoliater, $12.50,

Consumers do not need to pay much for an organic product. Drugstores like Wal-mart also offer organic skincare products.

Those who look for organic prodcuts because of their sensitive skins need to keep an eye on the products' ingredients because organic does not always means safe for sensitive skin. Remeber always look for soothing ingredients like aloe.

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Being Fashion while Protecting the Environment

When buying clothes, many people may not think about where the material, which is mainly cotton, comes from. Recently, organic clothings become popular because they, unlike the tradition clothings, are harmless to the environment.

Reported by the Pesticide Action Network, conventional cotton farming uses only about 3 percent of total farmland but consumes 25 percent of the insecticides and 10 percent of the pesticides used globally. This affects the environment and also the farmers, their families and the communities who live and work surrounded by chemicals and who must find the money to pay for them.

However, organic cotton is grown by using just natural methods without these chemical inputs and without using genetically modified seeds. The cotton is rotated with other, mainly food, crops both replenishing the soil and making the farmers less dependent on one crop. Certified organic textiles also restrict the addition of further chemicals as cotton fibre is processed and turned into fabric and clothes.

Although made of different materials, the style of organic clothings is just the same as that of traditional clothings. Many retailers begin to provide organic clothings to the public.

Levi's is one of the fashion retailers who establish a line called Capital E™ to promote organic clothes.

Levi's® eco organic skinny, $65.00,

Gap is another mainstream boutique which provides organic clothing. According to a Gap press release, Gap offers this Khaki Looks line because of the increasing demand from its customers.

Military anorak, $69.99 and V-neck dress, $59.99, all from Gap

Sleeveless marled turtleneck sweater, $29.99; Clean Bermuda shorts, $39.50 and Leather fitted ballet flat, $39.50, all from Gap

Recently, H&M also launches a line for organic fashion. Being environmental concerned does not mean you need to give up your taste and waste much money, with more and more retailers willing to offer organic clothes, green world and trendy style are able to co-exist.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Business Dressing Code

May and gradation are approaching. Two months later I will be out of college and will look for jobs like crazy. But how does this related to this fashion blog?

Well, if I have been granted a chance to do the interview with my future employers, I may need to consider what kind of clothes I should put on at the interview. My look may be the first impression I give to my future employers and can't be ignored.

Recently, I surf different bontiques' websites and look for suits. Most of my resumes are mailed to style magazines, so I may not need to put on very formal suits. The followings are what I am considering now (Hope I don't need to spend much, I am poor...)

Mini Shift Dress, $49, Victoria's Secret

I really like this dress. But will it be too catchy to put on a red dress to an interview...? But I thinks matching it with a black or white cardigan and a think patent belt will be awesome.

Cotton Flutter-sleeve Sweater Dress, $69.00, Banana Republic

I like this dress because I can put on it for work and weekend. Plus, which woman can reject a little white dress?

Merona Shift Dress, $27.99,

This dress's cutting fix the wristline very much and can make you look slim. Besides, the price is really adorable. I love Target!

T-Tahari Belted Birch Dress, $114.99, Norstrom

I love this dress's belt and its A-line shape. But because of the price, I need to think about it...

I recently fall in love with dresses and have no interest on skirt, pants and suits. But before I buy my working dress, I should worry about whether I can find a job or not...

WSU Students Street Style

WSU students always complain they are unable to buy nice clothes because there are no trendy and big shopping malls around the campus. But I do see some really chic students and I have done interviews with them. Enjoy!

Friday, March 23, 2007

What Luxury Means?

YSL recently releases a lip gloss which design which shocks me. What makes this lip gloss so special is that it includes two lip colors, a small mirror and a shift brush in a shining gold tube.

This design is impressive for me because of its convenience. First, the mirror included is really useful for women who put on their lip colors. With this lip gloss, ladies do not need to search through their messy handbags for the mirror. The two colors it includes are coordinating colors, which means ladies can't get wrong by putting this two colors on their lips.

My advice (also a common sense) for this lip gloss is first put the darker color on the whole lip, then the lighter one on the center.

Lips Twins, $30.00, Yves Saint Laurent

YSL offers 12 shades for this lip glosses.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Burning Red Lips

After several seasons of nude and natural lips, recently, red lips take the lead. Cosmetic and fashion advertisements and celebrities appear with red lips. When doing with red lip, I suggest keeping the rest of the face clean. In this way, the redness can pop up the face by itself and makes the person like hot and sexy.

The latest advertisement on the Lancome website frontpage. The model puts on red lip gloss with a clean face.

Reese Witherspoon shot for Bazarr. Again, red lips are paired with neutral cheek and eyes.

Those who want to present an elegant look should learn from Liv Tyler. Red Lips with little black satin dress always work.

Hilary Duff brightened up her dark clothes with her red lips.

The following lip products are my recommendations.

Rouge Absolu Desir Reshaping Replenishing Lipcolor, $15.00, Lancome

Rouge Allure Luminous Satin Lip Color, $30.00, Chanel

Wet Shine Diamonds Lipstick, $6.99, Maybelline

SuperLustrous - Creme Lipstick, $7.99, Relvon

One last advice. If you are afraid lipstick will show all the lines of your lips, you can first wear a lip balm, then before it drys out, put on your lipstick. In this way, your lips will look healthy and attractive.

Lipstick is something which is worthwhile to invest in. A good lipstick not only should have a beautiful color, but also can moisture your lips at the same time. Red lipstick can bring out our character effortlessly, which we can see how it works on the French women (they are famous of good at using red lips as their signature.)

Thursday, March 8, 2007

What I Lust for Now

Spring is coming. New fashion items are coming. And my money is flying.... Here are some items which I am really thirst for. (But I absolutely believe it is impossible for me to buy all of them.)

Louis Vuitton Monogram Dentelle, $2795.00
It is just my fantasy. I am a poor student. I absolutely have no money to buy this. But it is really cute and I love it:)

Jeffrey Campbell Leather Jazz Shoe, $88.00, Urban Outfitters
I have searched this kind of Oxford shoes for years. Now I finally see one. It is cute if you pair it with cropped wide pants or a flowry dress.

Damsal Solid One Piece, $88.00, Urban Outfitters
When everybody is putting on bikini, isn't it cool to wear a black one-piece? But the place I live now is a freezing town, so I don't have much chance to go to the beach. (I even suspect is there a beach around?)

Shift Embossed Beach Dress, $125.00, J-Crew
I always think a white dress is a must-have item. It is convenient because you can pair almost everything with it. And it is economic because one single dress can go with you for the whole year.