Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Where to Get Hot but Affordable Outfits

In accordance with the audio posted in the last blog, I want to introduce my readers what and where we should go to shop affordable outfits in this spring.

Bright Accessories: Rings from Nordstrom ($8.00)

Lucite jewelry: Bracelet from Urban Outfitters ($16.00)

Small handbag: Shoulder bag from Urban Outfitters ($14.99)

Cobalt: a cobalt hoodies from American Eagle Outfitters ($49.50)

Cyber color: a silver sandal from Nine West ($49.99)

Wide Pants: wide pants from GAP ($49.99)

Flower-printed dress: a flower-printed dress from Urban Outfitters ($78.00)

Mini-dress: a black-and-white mini-dress from Victoria's Secret ($35.00)

Cutoff wedge: a gold cutoff wedge from Nine West ($59.99)

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Brett Atwood said...

What a fun post. Keep up the good work!