Monday, January 22, 2007

How to Dress in this Spring

Spring is coming soon, and there is again a new atmosphere in the fashion field. In this spring, we cannot see many coherence in the catwalk bridge from the European designers' pieces. Moreover, according to the Vogue magazine, the style in this season mainly separates into seven main groups, and I want to introduce two of them, which styles are more ready-to-wear.

The first one is the Sporty style.

The above picture is from the Spring Ready-to-Wear Collection 2007 of Dries Von Noten.

To avoid being look really sporty and does not look formal or woman-like enough, my advice is to mix your style with one sporty element (such as hoodies, sneakers or track jacket) with some feminine pieces (such as legging, lace, or high heel).

Another style coming up is New Romatic style.

This picture is from the Spring Ready-to-Wear Collection 2007 of Yves Saint Laurent.

New Romatic style mainly means using floral print on the whole dress or use it as the main tone of the piece. When putting on such kind of apparel, people need to be careful to avoid making their tones look too over. Try not to put on two flowery prints at the same time, otherwise, people will lose their focuses when they look at you. My advice is either to make the flowery dress as the single outwear you put on your body, or to dress it with a plain jacket (I highly recommend the cropped jacket).

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