Wednesday, April 11, 2007

All You Can See

I read several magazines these months and found out I can see many high-end see-through bags. Although I am not really going to buy them (because I love privacy,and normally the inside of my handbag is just a mess...) I still think many of them look cute and are suitable for summer days.

Kate Spade 'cape cod - griffen' tote, $145.00,
Isn't it cute? Red lobsters swimming on your bag.

clear flap bag, $79.00,
It contains the cyber element, which is one of the trendy points in this summer.

Translucent tote, $45, Victoria's Secret
It is offered in black and in white too.

These kinds of bag are cute, but the wearers need to make sure that they arrange their personnal items in good order; otherwise, the whole world will know what type of person they are.

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