Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The Best Swimsuits Ever

Summer is coming, and it is time for everybody to rushing to the beach and enjoy the sunshine with their swimsuits. A nice swimsuit will not only make your attractive, it will also amplify your merits and hide your weakness. The followings are swimsuits which can flatter different body shapes.

Boy Shape:
Choose the top with special details.
Avoid bandeau tops or boy shorts.

OP Mexican Blanket, Top $44.00, Bottom $44.00, urbanoutfitters.com

Curvy Body:
Choose the fit size, don't pick the too small ones.
Aviod the hugely oversize prints.

Body ID Bollywood Tank & Athletic-Cut Bottom, $38.00, macys.com

Busty Shape:
Choose a halter top with an at least one-inch bottom band to support your chest.
Avoid one-pieces or top which is without a built-in-support system.

AE Favorite Bikini, Top $29.50 Bottom $24.50, ae.com

Pear Shape:
Pick a low-rise bottom with tie sides, ring sides or skimpy sides.
If your hip is big, pick one with deeper color to flatter it.

Roxy Halter Bikini, Top $40.00, Bottom $36.00, nordstrom.com

Small Chests:
Choose a top or a bottom with details.
Choose a v-neck one-pieces.

Crochet bikini set, $125.00, victoriassecret.com

One reminder: Remeber to put on sunscreen when you go to beach. No matter you aim to be tan or not, sunscreen is important because it can prevent you from sunburn, skin aging and even cancer. The ideal SPF is 30 for beach.

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