Tuesday, February 27, 2007

The Blood Diamond Effect

After the movie "Blood Diamond" is released, people start to know what the burtal reality behind their splendid jewelry and stop putting on them. And this effect is also seen on the red carpet of Oscar; celebrities this year seem prefer not to wear any jewelry (or not using diamond as the main tone of their styles.)

Reese Witherspoon walked the carpet with a simple blue cocktail dress.

Gwyneth Paltrow can always effortlessly become the goddness of red carpet.

The color of Beyonce's dress successes in bringing out the beauty of her skin tone.

Kate Winslet will look good as long as she keeps her style simple.

Helen Mirren! Our Queen!

I think her dress is kind of too complicate... I think it's better to keep the dress's style more simple.

I always think this kind of one-shoulder dress is difficult to carry, but Kate looks great in this dress. And the tail of this dress is also cute.

My Little Miss Sunshine! So cute!

See, all these actresses are not using diamond jewelry as the main tone of their styles. Maybe they are also thinking about the fact behind jewelry...

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