Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Little Cropped Bell Jacket

When I read different women's magazines in January and February, I found out many celebrities are putting on cropped bell jacket. This kind of jacket is not easy to put on because it may make your upper body look strong (especially your shoulder.) However, if wear properly, it can make your body proportion looks great, highline your tiny wrist (or cover it if you have tummy...) and prolong your legs.

When putting on a bell jacket, I suggest pair it with a v-neck long top inside the jacket, a pair of skinny jeans and a pair of round-headed pumps or flats. But be aware that wide-leg pants is a big DON'T because dressing loose from head to toe will hide totally hide your body figure and make you look short too.

Here are how some celebrities put on bell jackets, and they look great!

A smart idea for Nicole Richie to pair her black jacket with a sharp yellow handbag. A good balance!

Nicky Hilton pairs her jacket with a satin long top and a long necklace. The necklace is a smart accessory here because its metallic color can bring out the character of her dressing style.

Kate Moss presents us another way to put on a bell jacket - pair it with a pretty little dress. Kate looks good here, but well, Kate looks good no matter what she puts on.

Carmeron Diaz pairs the bell jacket in a safe way - long top, skinny jeans and pump. And she looks hot!

And the followings are some bell jackets I found affordable.

Kimchi & Blue Two Buttons Swing Jacket from Urban Outfitters ($58.00)

Banana Republic Linen Bell Sleeve Jacket ($148.00)

Inc International Concepts Cropped Trapeze Knit Jacket ($89.00)

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