Wednesday, February 28, 2007

The Mystery of Ance

Ance is the forever emeny of women. As long as you are alive, they will come to visit your face unexpectedly. Although ance is just a small dot on your face, it is big enough to irritate you for the whole day. In China, there is one saying which when translates to English means "You can win when you understand yourself and your emeny." Therefore, I want to tell you about what does the growth of an ance in different positions of your face means. If we can understand more about that, maybe we can prevent the growth of ance.

The position of ance reflects your health:

1. Cheeks: if ance is grown on your cheeks, you may have some problems in your intestine and stomach.
2. Chin: Ances on chin normally mean you do not sleep enough.
3. Forehead: Ances on forehead mean you do not wash your bandgs thoroughly or your female hormone is not running well.
4. Temples: Ances there are usually caused by bacteria.
5. Round the mouth: This means too much oil is secreted from your body

Now you understand the location of ance is related to how your body is working. When you know which part of your body causes the growth of your ance, you can aim to improve that part.

Moreover, as far as I know, no scientifc reports show eating fried food is not a cause of ance. And I believe the best way to get rid of ance is to drink more warm water and sleep tight and enough.

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