Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Something about Benefit Cosmetics

I started using the Benefit Cosmetics two years ago and found some of its cosmetic products very useful. Therefore, I want to recommend some of them here.

Benetint ($28.00)

This rosy liquid blush can energize your face naturally. Besides, this blush smells like rose, which can enlighten you when applying it. To apply this product, just draw three drops on your cheekbone and blend them in a circular motion. You need to blend quickly; otherwise, three drops will dry and stay on your face like three dots.

Dandelion ($26.00)

This box of pink powder can sever as blush and loose powder at the same time. When use as blush, you may need to sweep the blush for several times because its color is kind of light. When use at loose powder, just sweep over the t-bone area slight. I think Dandelion is good because the pink color is very natural, and the powder is very tiny, which makes it stay on your skin for a longer time.

Dr. feelgood ($26.00)

If you have large pores or fine lines on your face, you can apply this product on your pores before your makeup. It hides your pores and lines and makes your skin look smooth and silky effectively.

High Beam ($22.00)

This highliner can make your facial features more outstanding. Apply in t-bone, under the eye and browbone. However, if your face is long-shape, you may not want to do this because it will prolong your face.

I have just tried the makeup products of Benefit. I also want to try some of its skincare products but I am not sure which one is good… But one of the main reasons I like Benefit is its package is really adorable, looks like a 60s’ style. Well, for women, rather than the quality, sometimes package is a big thing too.

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