Monday, March 26, 2007

Business Dressing Code

May and gradation are approaching. Two months later I will be out of college and will look for jobs like crazy. But how does this related to this fashion blog?

Well, if I have been granted a chance to do the interview with my future employers, I may need to consider what kind of clothes I should put on at the interview. My look may be the first impression I give to my future employers and can't be ignored.

Recently, I surf different bontiques' websites and look for suits. Most of my resumes are mailed to style magazines, so I may not need to put on very formal suits. The followings are what I am considering now (Hope I don't need to spend much, I am poor...)

Mini Shift Dress, $49, Victoria's Secret

I really like this dress. But will it be too catchy to put on a red dress to an interview...? But I thinks matching it with a black or white cardigan and a think patent belt will be awesome.

Cotton Flutter-sleeve Sweater Dress, $69.00, Banana Republic

I like this dress because I can put on it for work and weekend. Plus, which woman can reject a little white dress?

Merona Shift Dress, $27.99,

This dress's cutting fix the wristline very much and can make you look slim. Besides, the price is really adorable. I love Target!

T-Tahari Belted Birch Dress, $114.99, Norstrom

I love this dress's belt and its A-line shape. But because of the price, I need to think about it...

I recently fall in love with dresses and have no interest on skirt, pants and suits. But before I buy my working dress, I should worry about whether I can find a job or not...

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