Thursday, March 8, 2007

What I Lust for Now

Spring is coming. New fashion items are coming. And my money is flying.... Here are some items which I am really thirst for. (But I absolutely believe it is impossible for me to buy all of them.)

Louis Vuitton Monogram Dentelle, $2795.00
It is just my fantasy. I am a poor student. I absolutely have no money to buy this. But it is really cute and I love it:)

Jeffrey Campbell Leather Jazz Shoe, $88.00, Urban Outfitters
I have searched this kind of Oxford shoes for years. Now I finally see one. It is cute if you pair it with cropped wide pants or a flowry dress.

Damsal Solid One Piece, $88.00, Urban Outfitters
When everybody is putting on bikini, isn't it cool to wear a black one-piece? But the place I live now is a freezing town, so I don't have much chance to go to the beach. (I even suspect is there a beach around?)

Shift Embossed Beach Dress, $125.00, J-Crew
I always think a white dress is a must-have item. It is convenient because you can pair almost everything with it. And it is economic because one single dress can go with you for the whole year.

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