Monday, March 5, 2007


Except for special occasions, I usually prefer not to put on heels. Yes, I admit they can prolong your legs and make you look sexy, they can also kill my toes and my legs. Try to imagine, you go shopping with your girlfriends with those three-inch heels for several hours, what will you feel? So normally, when I am not attending a formal or important events, I choose a pair of flats.

However, sometimes flats can be tricky, it can make you 10 centimeters less shorter. So if you plan to put on flats, try to avoid baggy pants (skinny jeans are perfect,) and try to highline your waist by a belt. In this way, you can still own long legs without heels and pain.

Kate Moss pairs her flats with cropped skinny jeans. To get her look:

Moonunit for Pre-Order $69.00 (Nine West)

Well, her dress is a hate-it or love-it one. But she is really an expert of handling her proportion. Her high-waist dress makes her model-liked even with flats. To get her look,

Ankle Strap Skimmer $29.00 (Urban Outfitters)

Lindsay Lohan presents us how to dress on a informal day. Large handbag, jeans, flats, t-shirt. Simple but looks good! To get her style,

Lace Skimmer $19.99 (Urban Outfitters)

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